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The Gift of Years Network gathering

29-30th October, 2015:The Bishop of Southampton sent a message to everyone gathering for the first ever meeting of The Gift of Years network of Anna Chaplains and others engaged in similar community-based ministry. Bishop Jonathan Frost said:“The work of the Anna Chaplains is timely and of profound significance as the Church seeks to serve the older generation and speak into public policy around provision for the vulnerable in our society. I am praying for you ...Read more

Quiet Day - Being there

30 September 2015: Debbie is leading a BRF Quiet Day 'Being there' on 30 September 2015 at Green Pastures, Poole, Dorset. Just 'being there' for one another is such an important part of caring for a relative or friend. How we care for one another, while taking care of ourselves, is the theme of this quiet day. Becoming quiet brings us back to our senses, enabling life to be seen with renewed perspective. 'Study to ...Read more


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