Resourcing the spiritual journey of older people

Individuals matter

TGOY_TwoGensCelebrating age

Do you believe age has a purpose? Your answer may depend on how you feel about your own ageing, your current state of health, your faith perspective, and whether experience leads you to believe you are growing spiritually or, frankly, 'it's downhill all the way...'.

Contrary to much prevailing opinion, The Gift of Years celebrates the usefulness of older people, not least as guardians of wisdom and truth. Of course, not everyone becomes a sage dispensing pearls of wisdom as they grow older, but those who retain a sense of humour, and take themselves lightly as they mature, are a welcome gift to those around them.

Some older men and women become shining examples of a faithful, prayerful life; helpful role models of the sort of self-less people characterised by their continually growing capacity to love.

Being creative

Creativity is another component of a healthy spiritual life and many older people go on enjoying the rewards of creative leisure activities throughout their lifetime - even when disability or ill health curtail one hobby in favour of another. The Gift of Years features some of the most stimulating and effective ideas that some people are already using, and which you might also like to try. This website will be a growing reference point for all sorts of imaginative ideas coming on stream (see Resources - Ideas/Stories).

TGOY_Creativity1We believe in encouraging ways in which older people can find enjoyment whether it is in making things, painting, writing, cooking, collecting or composing, convinced that when we do so we are, at the same time, feeding the spirit, or as some would say, nurturing the soul.

Whether we get older, only to be described as grumpy, miserable, funny or foolish (or some or all of these), we are each different. Through The Gift of Years we want to champion the rights of everyone to be understood and appreciated, irrespective of age.

Whatever one's belief in a spiritual dimension to life, we affirm that all of us, when older, wish to be regarded as someone unique and precious; just as valuable in the more passive times of our life, as we once were in our more active years.

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